Important Things To Know Whats Types of Mountain Bikes

Many amateur mountain bike lovers who are on planning to purchase their first mountain bike and even the ones who already bought don’t know that mountain bikes can be divided into 5 categories.

Mountain biking isn’t just a simple act of riding a mountain bike and going on a trail; it is a real art that requires many knowledge and passion. Mountain bike riding is a mix of culture and art that take you into a whole new world of excitement plus a fabulous trip at the same time. Riding mountain bikes gives you a taste of freedom.

To get all these feelings combined and get the best of riding mountains, you have to know as much as you can about mountain bikes. One of the first things that you need to know once you think about purchasing a mountain bike or changing your old one is what are the categories of mountain bikes and the benefits of each one.

By getting to know the types of mountain bikes, you don’t get to only some information about them only, but you also get to choose the style that fits better than the others and will provide you with the riding you desire.

These five categories are

Enduro/all-mountain bike

Enduro or all mountain bike is one of the best and versatile ranges of mountain bikes, in case you are confused and don’t know which mountain bike style go with, this the safest and best choice for you as it combines some characteristics of each category, it molds it and offer it to you in one type of mountain bikes.

This type of bikes is faster and aggressive in comparison with the other four categories thanks to its sturdy frame and wide tires that enable to stay stable and control your grip on the bike while cycling. It is also provided with a full suspension and wider bars.

This category is made for hard and risky trails; it is perfect for you if you are going for an adventurous and bumpy ride which makes it a little bit pricey.

Dirt Jump Mountain Bikes

This type known as street mountain bikes and they are perfect for doing Arial stunts, so if you are one of them; this is your kind of bikes you should look for. These bikes have one suspension in the front, one single gear and break, ideal flat seats in addition to small frames and oversized handlebars. You can get some amazing dirt jump mountain bikes starting from best mountain bikes under 500 to 500 dollars and more according to the quality and brand

Cross Country Mountain Bikes

This range of bikes is most common among mountain bikes riders, they're available in all bike shops, and they are what most of the riders use. They are usually equipped with lightweight frames and fast rolling tiers which make them lightweight, comfortable to ride and pedal. They give you an excellent grip, and they are so comfortable, so whether you are taking your bike for a quick or long ride, you will stay comfortable and stable the whole ride.

These bikes are versatile and can be used for any types of trails whether it is flat or bumpy, not to mention that they are great in climbing hills. The price of these bikes goes from 750 dollars to more than 7000 dollars for bikes with excellent quality and equipment.

Trail Mountain Bikes

These range of bikes are an improved version of the cross country mountain bikes; they are made for sloppy and bumpy trails as well as hills, not mention that it also perfect for climbing.

The bikes of this category come with various features, but the best is always expensive. In this case, you can bike with only a front suspension for 1000 dollars or less, but if you can pay more, you can get it with a full suspension that will provide you with excellent control and stability on the terrain while cycling. With 29er wheels, your bike will be completed, and you can be proud of riding an entirely comfortable and fast mountain bike.

Downhill Mountain Bikes

If you have an excellent health insurance and you love a risk, adventure, if you want to go downhill with your mountain bikes as fast as possible then this is the category you’re looking for. The mountain bikes of this type are typically made for risk lover, cyclists who love to challenge themselves and go hard with things.

They are equipped with wide rims and wide tiers, high, extensive and durable frame to keep you stable and standard brakes and chain guard to keep you safe. If you want to spice up your life and get dangerous, you need to be ready to pay thousands of dollars, with heavy, strong and durable features comes hundred of dollars.

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