Roadmaster Granite Peak Men’s Mountain Bike

The Roadmaster Granite Top Mountain Bicycle is a great all-around mountain bike that’s right in the house on rugged and unpaved paths. The Roadmaster Mountain Bicycle is ideal for cruising the streets in town also. It's metal mountain framework geometry is for easy riding with suspension fork that smoothes boosts and bumps control.

Twist shifters modification gears through 18-speeds assisted by a Shimano back derailleur smoothly. The linear brakes will help you obtain accurate avoiding energy, which shows up everything is , as well as seat pipe angle,  the hands. It rides smoothly and simple to handle! Linear pull brakes, metal tires and rims, steel handlebars and also padded chair circular away this 26″ Dark Roadmaster Granitic Peak Mount Bicycle.

Physical Look and Feel

This Roadmaster Granitic Peak Men’s M an extremely good looking machine, whose entire bike entire body painted along with red as well as black was created like trim, metallic as well as fashionable.

The linear draw brakes own a pleasant feel and provide you with a great power whenever a sure stop is required. If you’re riding with an uneven street, you may comfortable go through the stable as well as smooth that does allow you to love.

High-Quality Tire

A set of 26-inch wheel is sufficient for your have to the steering wheel size. And it is tiring take grips sidewalk or grime quickly.

Fantastic 3-piece Mountain Crank

When compared to other mount bikes, This Roadmaster Granitic Peak has more with a view to fast 3-piece hill crank to provide wide equipment range, which is primarily what’s fresh about this model versus. Additionally, the Linear draw brakes can help you get certain stopping energy, which appears everything is in your hands.

SRAM Drive Twist Shifters

Along with 18 speeds, SRAM drive wind shifters can alter gears efficiently. Therefore, it is simple to change slow rate to relax or even switch to fast to savor the enjoyable of galloping.

Irreplaceable Suspension Fork

Compared to other typical bikes, the largest difference associated with Roadmaster Granitic Peak mount bikes is their suspension fork, which guarantees them may better smooth the road ahead related to you and slow up the uncomfortable through the uneven street. The incredible stable using experience can make its suspension hand irreplaceable.

Frame: Metal mountain body geometry concerning easy using

Fork: Suspension hand smoothes protrusions and raises control

Shifter: SRAM generate twist shifters alter gears efficiently

Crank: 3-piece mount crank provides wide equipment range

Brakes: linear draw brakes

Wheels: Alloy wheels provide control and sturdiness

Roadmaster Granitic Peak men’s mount bike along with 26-inch wheel may be rated high through the market experts, besides the actual nascent users who’ve decided to purchase this. Some beneficial sides of this product are as follows:

Steel Body

The structural frame may be developed with top quality steel, and also the angular changes are done with the aim of generating probably the most comforted as well as seamless using experience for that rider. Mind angle as well as seat pipe angle tends to be determined along with precise accuracy and investigation of useful utility.

Front Suspension System

The bike may be provided having a front forked suspension which aligns directly along one hundred and eighty degrees using the front axle. So it is very suitable for you.

The Things and pace Deliveries

18 pace options tend to be presented via Shimano back derailleur position which functions in ideal consonance using the riders’ real-time speed options. The pace jumps/downgrade is well caused by simple shifts.

Brake Regulates

Linear kind pull braking may be mounted that acts about the alloy wheels to create robust manage mechanism inside a short reaction time.


  • Right at home on unpaved, rugged pathways or smooth sailing the streets inside your neighborhood
  • Great Design, Good quality, and excellent overall performance.
  • Pure smooth using and good in charge.
  • Steel mount frame geometry concerning comfortable using.
  • 3-piece hill crank provides wide equipment range; Linear draw brakes supply great preventing power.
  • Suspension hand smoothes protrusions and raises control.


  • Some clients complained how the seat was just a little small.
  • Poor designed and definitely less than 26''. 


The 26″ Wheel Roadmaster Mountain Bike is made of good wheels, durable material tightness big frame and so forth. It comes with attractive design and also affordable price. All of the mountain bikes are more desirable for hiking the mount and walking trip. 

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